A Taste of Tucson

(As shown – $125.00)

This great basket filled with a savory selection of Southwest snacks is a great way to say thank you. Includes “Gracias,” ”Coyote Crunch,” or “Trailblazer” snack mix, tostada chips, salsas, crackers, prickly pear cactus candy, cookies, pistachios, kettle corn, churro bites, pomegranate jelly and more.

Add to Cart – $65.00
Add to Cart – $95.00
Add to Cart – $125.00

Pueblo House

Pueblo House (As shown $95.00)


For those with a Southwestern style, this hand-painted, wooden pueblo house (can be personalized) is the perfect choice. Filled with chips and salsa, pistachios, AZ Iced Tea, “Coyote Crunch” trail mix, prickly pear cactus candy, cookies, AZ nuts and more … this gift will long be remembered.

Add to Cart – $85.00
Add to Cart – $95.00
Add to Cart – $110.00
Add to Cart – $150.00

Arizona Products

Fiesta tortilla chips, salsas, assorted pistachios, chocolates, prickly pear candy, AZ iced tea, poker chip cookies, honey-mustard lassos, fruits & berries candy, coyote crunch, “hit the trail” mix, desert blooms candy and more!

Some items in baskets may be substituted with products of equal or greater value.

Southwest Gift Packs

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Pancake Mix & Syrups Gift Set

Add to Cart – $18.00

Bread Mix & Jellies Gift Set
Add to Cart – $15.00

Cactus Patch Preserves Gift Box
Add to Cart – $24.95

Desert Flower Honeys
Add to Cart – $24.95

Pepper Patch Preserves
Add to Cart – $24.95

Chip & Dip Server

Chip & Dip Server for local delivery in Tucson area only.

Stoneware Chip & Dip Server
Add to Cart – $50.00

Stoneware Chip & Dip Server (filled)
Add to Cart – $100.00

Cactus Patch Preserves
(4 – 5oz. jars)
prickly pear cactus jelly
cactus marmalade
prickly pear cactus honey
cactus apple jelly

Desert Flower Honeys
(4 – 6 oz. jars)
prickly pear cactus honey
mesquite honey
desert blossom honey
orange blossom honey

Pepper Patch Preserves
(4 – 5oz. jars)
green pepper chile jelly (mild)
red chile pepper jelly (med.)
jalapeno jelly
heavenly habanero
(extra hot)

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