Holiday Bon Appetit

(As Shown – $60.00)

Our classic bon appetit basket with a holiday twist. Includes cheese, crackers, cookies, chocolates, fruit drop candies, and pepper wine biscuits. Available with wine*.

* Please use the comments area on the shopping cart page to specify type and amount you would like to spend on wine when ordering. (Baskets with wine local delivery only.)

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Relaxation Wine & Bath

(As shown $125)

A perfect gift basket for the ultimate relaxation experience! Filled with an assortment of soaps & bath salts, a loofah set, a plush towel & washcloths, a set of glasses and your favorite bottle of wine; comfortable sweats optional.

Note: alcohol available for Tucson area delivery only.

Add to Cart – $75.00

Add to Cart – $85.00

Add to Cart – $125.00

A Taste of Tucson

(As shown – $125.00)

This great basket filled with a savory selection of Southwest snacks is a great way to say thank you. Includes “Gracias,” ”Coyote Crunch,” or “Trailblazer” snack mix, tostada chips, salsas, crackers, prickly pear cactus candy, cookies, pistachios, kettle corn, churro bites, pomegranate jelly and more.

Add to Cart – $65.00
Add to Cart – $95.00
Add to Cart – $125.00

Happy Birthday


Make someone special’s day even better with this basket full of cheese, crackers, candy, summer sausages, cookies, nuts, and more. Depending on which price point you choose, will include one or more of the following; chicken noodle soup mix, chili mix, and/or pasta salad mix, to make an easy snack to share.

Add to Cart-$85.00
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Add to Cart-$105.00

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Pueblo House

Pueblo House (As shown $95.00)


For those with a Southwestern style, this hand-painted, wooden pueblo house (can be personalized) is the perfect choice. Filled with chips and salsa, pistachios, AZ Iced Tea, “Coyote Crunch” trail mix, prickly pear cactus candy, cookies, AZ nuts and more … this gift will long be remembered.

Add to Cart – $85.00
Add to Cart – $95.00
Add to Cart – $110.00
Add to Cart – $150.00

Seasonal Gift Boxes

These patterned boxes* are a great way to send your gifts & can be filled with any of our products, or even custom items not listed on our website! Additional patterned boxes available.

*Please call us direct or use the comments area on the shopping cart page to specify which box & what type of products you would like included.”.

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Add to Cart-$55.00
Add to Cart-$65.00

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Fresh Fruit & Nuts Gift Basket

(As shown – $75.00)

This basket is good for just about any occasion, including bereavement, get well, birthday and thank you. It includes a variety of seasonal fresh fruit such as apples, oranges, pears, bananas, mango, grapes and chocolate-covered almonds.

Fresh sliced Honey-Baked Ham, gourmet mustard and bread make a nice addition to this basket. Please call to get prices.

Add to Cart – $50.00
Add to Cart – $75.00
Add to Cart – $100.00
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